SFP Entrance Mats

An important step towards an improved indoor environment

SFP Entrance Mats

Rollable scraper mats with natural coloured, light metal bars and replaceable strips in special black rubber.

SFP Entrance Mat Original is a combination of scraper grid and door mat for use indoors and out. The corrugated rubber strips bend easily when trod on and spring back with sufficient force when the pressure is being released to cause dirt and moisture to be swept from shoes through simply walking over the mat. No conscious shoe cleaning effort is called for. The dirt removed from the shoes falls down between the corrugated rubber strips and is hidden from view. Consequently, SFP Entrance Mat Original maintains its cleaning effect without appearing dirty for a long time.

It is therefore important, when planning a new entrance, to fit an adequately long mat, space permitting. Try to make it long enough for at least three steps with each foot.

Entrance Mat Original is reversible and should be turned over once a year to even out the wear.

Height 22 and 18 mm

SFP Entrance Mat Original is available in two heights. Standard height is 22 mm. When replacing a mat in an existing 15-19 mm deep recess, use an 18 mm high mat.

Materials and construction

Flat bars:

Aluminium alloy EN AW-6005-A-T6.
Dimensions: 12 x 4.5 mm.

Rubber strips:

A composition that is especially resistant to extreme temperature variation, EPDM 70° Shore.
Dimensions 22 x 3.7 mm.

End profile:

U 18 x 18 x 2 mm.


The rubber strips and aluminium bars are riveted together with special rivets. The mat is held together by Ø 2.3 mm stainless steel wire.


Standard 22 mm or 18 mm with existing 15-19 mm deep wells.


Kabe Mat Original is produced made to measure. Max. size of a single piece 2000 x 5000 (A x B). To cover larger areas, the mat is divided into suitably sized sections. We can produce mats of almost any shape. Simply provide us with a drawing or template.


Rubber bushes


Approx 12 kg/m².

Surface treatment:

The Kabe Mat Original comes in natural aluminium as standard but can also be provided in black or gold anodised aluminium.


Declared in Byggvarubedömningen (Green Building Material Assessment), Sunda Hus


Complies with the requirements in EN16005:2012.
Kabe Original has a smooth surface and no unevenness. The mats follow the underlying surface and the mats are laid with millimetre alignment, edge to edge.

Install Kabe Mat Original as follows:

Generally speaking, all types of mat should always be laid on a level, solid surface.

In a mat well edged with a casting frame Kabe 20R, Kabe 22R or otherwise on the floor in Kabe Ramp Frame type 2.

Always give measurements A = width and B = length with specifications and when ordering.

On existing floor
with incline or step

If the mat lies on an incline or steps, it is best to insert studs in the floor or steps to prevent the mat from slipping.

On existing floor
– to prevent the risk of tripping

Mats can be provided with Kabe Mat Ramp type 1 on the ends to prevent the risk of tripping.

On existing floor
– against doorsill or step

Recessed surface on existing floor
– mat ramp around the mat

Kabe Mat Ramp type 2 on all four sides of the mat. The ramp is not attached to the mat and should be screwed to the floor if possible.

Recessed surface on existing floor
– against doorsill or step

Kabe Mat Ramp type 2 can be placed on two or three sides if the mat lies against a doorsill or step. Ramps should be securely screwed to the floor.

In a mat well
– should be recessed 20 – 22 mm

The mat should be recessed 20 – 22 mm. The Kabe casting frame is recommended to protect surrounding floor edges.

Existing mat well
– recess less than 20 mm

If the recess is 15-19 mm deep, use Kabe Mat Original, height 18 mm. If a mat is placed in a well of less than 15 mm, fit Kabe special ramps at both ends.

Drainage in the mat well
– drain

Kabe drains have an effective sand separator. With or without water trap.


Mats over drainage grids
– self-cleaning effect

To achieve a self-cleaning effect, place the mat on a Kabe drainage grid in a deeper recess.

Maintain Kabe Mat Original as follows:

Kabe Mat Original is designed to remove sand and dirt from shoe soles as effectively as possible. It is also designed so that a large amount of sand or grit can lie in the mat without the mat appearing dirty.

Cleaning regularity, naturally, depends completely on the individual circumstances.

In much used entrances during the winter months with snow, grit, salt etc, the mat must be cleaned more often since excessive sand can become compacted and lift the mat out of the ramps or frame. This causes the mat to wear in an unnatural way.

No heavy lifting with Kabe Mat Original.

Kabe Mat Original need not be lifted out to remove sand and grit. Hook a steel wire with the lifting hook and fold up about 15 cm of matting. Then simply roll up the mat and remove the sand and grit with a vacuum cleaner of brush. Roll long mats half way from each end.

Kabe Mat Original = The double sided door mat!

The mat is designed with identical surfaces and should be reversed at least once a year, for maximum service life.


A strip may occasionally move slightly out of place when the mat is rolled up. This should then be pushed back into place immediately to prevent it being damaged. Deformed or broken strips can be repaired or replaced at our factory in Fjugesta.

NOTE! Do not use chemicals to clean the mat, only water.


Flexible Entrances

Provide aesthetic freedom with maintained functionality. Entrance Mats can be used indoors or out and can be produced with straight or rounded edges in any form, as requested. Simply send a sketch or template, and we will produce to suit.

Strengthening for tough conditions and inclined floors

If the mat is going to be exposed to excessive loads such as shopping trolleys, use the strengthened variant of entrance mats. Strengthened mats should also be used with inclined floors in combination with studs in the floor.

We guarantee that the mat will withstand shopping trolleys weighing up to 200 kg.