According to the building standards, there must be an entrance without stairs providing access to public spaces. Weland offers a wide range of stable, safe and easily assembled wheelchair ramps.

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Our complete wheelchair ramps are manufactured in grating, including railings, stringers and requisite supporting legs. They are based on a simple, robust design in hot dipped steel, which adds to the stability and long durability. The incline of the gangways is adjustable, but is not permitted to exceed 1:12. Contrast markings are placed on the front edge of the ramp and at the start of the landing. Thanks to stocked standard components, we guarantee short delivery times. We also have a large stocked assortment of ramps in width 900 mm with short delivery times.

Wheelchair ramps

Complete wheelchair ramps with grating are designed according to your situation and wishes. We stock many different versions in order to provide prompt, reliable and high quality delivery. The standard width is 1300 mm and this is stocked in lengths from 1500 up to 6000 mm in intervals of 500 mm.

Railing on two sides


Wheelchair ramp with railings on both sides of the ramp.

Finish: Hot dip galvanised


Name Dimensions WxL (mm) Part no. Stocked
Wheelchair ramp 1300×1500 174151311
Wheelchair ramp 1300×2000 174201311
Wheelchair ramp 1300×2500 174251311
Wheelchair ramp 1300×3000 174301311
Wheelchair ramp 1300×3500 174351311
Wheelchair ramp 1300×4000 174401311
Wheelchair ramp 1300×4500 174451311
Wheelchair ramp 1300×5000 174501311
Wheelchair ramp 1300×5500 174551311
Wheelchair ramp 1300×6000 174601311

Railing on one side, banister on one side

Wheelchair ramp with rail on one side and banister fitted along adjoining wall.
Finish: Hot dip galvanised

Name Dimensions WxL (mm) Part no. Stocked
Wheelchair ramp 1300×1500 174151321
Wheelchair ramp 1300×2000 174201321
Wheelchair ramp 1300×2500 174251321
Wheelchair ramp 1300×3000 174301321
Wheelchair ramp 1300×3500 174351321
Wheelchair ramp 1300×4000 174401321
Wheelchair ramp 1300×4500 174451321
Wheelchair ramp 1300×5000 174501321
Wheelchair ramp 1300×5500 174551321
Wheelchair ramp 1300×6000 174601321

Banister on two sides

Wheelchair ramp with banister fitted along the wall on both sides.

Finish: Hot dip galvanised


Name Dimensions WxL (mm) Part no. Stocked
Wheelchair ramp 1300×1500 174151322
Wheelchair ramp 1300×2000 174201322
Wheelchair ramp 1300×2500 174251322
Wheelchair ramp 1300×3000 174301322
Wheelchair ramp 1300×3500 174351322
Wheelchair ramp 1300×4000 174401322
Wheelchair ramp 1300×4500 174451322
Wheelchair ramp 1300×5000 174501322
Wheelchair ramp 1300×5500 174551322
Wheelchair ramp 1300×6000 174601322

Without railing and banister

If you choose to make the railing yourself, we provide a wheelchair ramp without railing and banister.

Finish: Hot dip galvanised


Name Dimensions WxL (mm) Part no. Stocked
Wheelchair ramp 1300×1500 174151300
Wheelchair ramp 1300×2000 174201300
Wheelchair ramp 1300×2500 174251300
Wheelchair ramp 1300×3000 174301300
Wheelchair ramp 1300×3500 174351300
Wheelchair ramp 1300×4000 174401300
Wheelchair ramp 1300×4500 174451300
Wheelchair ramp 1300×5000 174501300
Wheelchair ramp 1300×5500 174551300
Wheelchair ramp 1300×6000 174601300


In our standard assortment, we offer two different types of railing. Our handrails are manufactured from industrial stainless steel with brushed untreated finish, with diameter 42 mm.

Railing, Standard

A stocked standard railing with baluster c/c 500 mm.

Railing, Round Bar

A stocked childproof railing with maximum opening 100 mm.

Accessories, railings

Extended railing

To increase the accessibility and safety of the wheelchair ramps, they can be provided with extended handrails. The handrails can be extended by 300 mm at the stand and finish of the ramp.

Extra handrail

Round Bar Railing can be equipped with an extra handrail. The extra handrail helps to increase the safety of the wheelchair ramp. The handrail is placed below the normal handrail.


To increase the accessibility and safety of the wheelchair ramp, they can be provided with a banister. The banister is fitted on the wal

Lighting, handrail

To create a decorative and pleasing milieu, our wheelchair ramps can be provided with lighting. Lighting from the handrail can also act as a functional addition to light up unsafe environments.


We keep in stock standard landings in grating for our wheelchair ramps. These landings are also used as intermediate or turning landings between two gangways. According to current regulations, intermediate landings have to be used when wheelchair ramps are longer than 6 metres. All material is hot dip galvanised as standard.

Support frame incl. grating

The landing’s support frame as well as grating with mesh width c/c 17 x 75 mm.
Finish: Hot dip galvanised

Dimensions LxW (mm) Part no. Stocked
1510×2010 174151201
1510×1510 174151151
1110×2010 174111201
1110×1110 174111111

Railing and kick strip

Railing in straight and angled versions as well as kick strip
Finish: Hot dip galvanised


Name Length (mm) Part No. Stocked
Railing and kick strip 2000 174200
Railing and kick strip 1500 174150
Railing and kick strip 1100 174110
Railing and kick strip, Corner 1500×1500 174150150
Railing and kick strip, Corner 1100×1100 174110110

Support Leg Round Length 350 – 1000 mm

Steel tube support legs ø 42 mm in set of 4. A threaded bush is pushed into the tube at the bottom end. A footplate with a welded threaded pipe that matches into the threaded bushing gives an adjustment of 70 mm.
The lowest height to the upper plane is the support leg length +55 mm and maximum height +125 mm.
Finish: Hot dip galvanised

Length (mm) Adjustable height top of landing (mm) Part no. Stocked
350 H=405-475 1740350
600 H=655-725 1740600
1000 H=1055-1125 1741000

Support Leg, Square, Length 480 – 1600 mm

A complete and adjustable support leg with an adjustable length of 480 – 1600 mm. The support leg is made from square tube, CFCHS 60 x 60 x 3 mm, and is 1450 mm long. The square tube is cut to the requested length in connection with installation.

The support leg is delivered complete with leg, foot, plastic end cap and necessary nuts and bolts.

Support legs must be placed at every 3 metres.

Name Adjustable height (mm) Part no. Stocked
Support leg CFCHS 480-1600 1741650

Surface Treatment

Our gangways for the disabled are hot dip galvanised as standard. In our own plant, the ramps are surface treated to withstand great stress. The method provides a very robust protection against corrosion. For more information, please visit our page for surface treatment.

Hot Dip Galvanised