Steel Flooring Products are Irish agents for Weland AB.

We supply a complete range of Flat Bar Flooring and associated products such as Spiral Staircases, Straight Staircases, Ramps, Ladders, Fencing, Furniture, Duct Covers, Security Grills, Ventilation Panels, Entrance Mats, Hand Railing and Roof Safety Accessories.

We take pride in supplying high quality products that are durable, easy to fit, and cost effective.

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Weland AB is a stable family company with a factory and head office in Sm√•landsstenar, Sweden. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of spiral staircases, straight flight staircases, railings, gangways for the disabled, gangways, gratings and mezzanines. Weland is also one of Sweden’s major actors in the sheet metal working sector.